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 Renew Oceans is a non-profit organization working to reduce ocean plastic pollution where it begins—in populous, river-adjacent communities in the developing world.


Clean Rivers
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Renew Ganga is our inaugural project, based near the Ganges River in Varanasi, India.

The Ganges—Ganga in Hindi—is the one of the longest rivers in the world, originating in the Western Himalayas, and fed by tributaries from Tibet, Nepal, Bangladesh, and India. The river becomes dangerously polluted in the heavily populated areas of northern India, and that pollution builds with sewage and industrial and plastic waste as it flows southwest and empties into the Bay of Bengal.

Ganga is a holy river for hundreds of millions who revere its flowing waters, synonymous with the maternal goddess Ganga, as purifying and absolving of sins.

Mother Ganga’s symbolism is the centerpiece of Renew Oceans’ effort to divert 100,000 pounds of ocean-bound plastics in India in our first year.


Our Vision: To create highly scalable, circular economies for plastics in river communities which are known to be the biggest contributors of ocean plastic pollution—starting with the Ganges basin.


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Our 3C


We will bring collection planning, conversion technology, and community engagement together to achieve our goals.


Collection of plastic waste combines human efforts on land with innovative water diversion systems to address the lack of adequate waste management infrastructure.

Conversion of rigid plastics to recycled products as well as traditionally low value film and flexible plastics into renewable fuel addresses the lack of end markets for soft plastics.

Community engagement campaigns foster changes in longstanding habits and perceptions. Our work with spiritual leaders and our empowerment of and financial incentives for women waste pickers will build momentum and drive adoption of new behaviors.